Раскраска машин

Команды должны использовать совершенно идентичные наклейки для двух своих машин в ходе сезона, и получать одобрение при значительных изменениях.

Среди дополнительных требований: на каждой машине должен быть гоночный номер пилота, который хорошо виден спереди болида, а также имя пилота на внешнем кузове. На носовой части должно быть написано название или эмблема команды.

Для различия двух машин команды, телекамеры наверху воздухозаборника должны отличаться по цвету. На первой машине должен использоваться красный цвет, на второй – желтый цвет камеры.

Выписки из Регамента ФИА


60) The provisions of the Code relating to national colours shall not apply to the Championship.
Both cars entered by a competitor must be presented in substantially the same livery at each Event, any change to this livery during a Championship season may only be made with the agreement of the Formula One Commission. These requirements do not apply to any car being run under Article 58(b).
In order that the cars of each team may be easily distinguished from one another whilst they are on the track, the on board cameras located above the principle roll structure of the first car must be predominantly fluorescent red, and the second car fluorescent yellow.

61) Each car will carry the race number of its driver (or his replacement) as published by the FIA at the beginning of the season. This number must be clearly visible from the front of the car.

62) The name or the emblem of the make of the car must appear on the front of the nose of the car and in either case be at least 25mm in its largest dimension. The name of the driver must appear on the external bodywork, on the and be clearly legible.

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